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Du Dang, Winner of The Capcom Cup 2017



20 year-old Du Dang hails from Tampa, Florida. On Sunday, December 4, 2016, he became the first American since 2002 to win a Street Fighter World Championship. He brought home $230,000 from the tournament. Main Course PHL writer Martin Weiss spoke with Du over the phone about his recent victory.

MW: How did you get into playing Street Fighter?

DD: In 2011, my uncle kept bugging me to play Street Fighter with him. At first, I was not interested in playing. As we kept playing, I got better and liked playing. I started to defeat him more and more.

MW: What did you do to prepare for the Street Fighter V World Championship?

DD: I did not do much in the way of preparation for the tournament. I analyzed the bracket for the opponent’s characters.

MW: What was your reaction to winning the 2016 World Championship?

DD: When I won, I could not believe it. Out of 32 players, I won the Street Fighter World Championship. To be the first American since 2002 to accomplish that feat—it is a big deal for me.

MW: Looking ahead to 2017, what are you plans in gaming?

DD: Grind just as hard. I am going to continue to compete in video game tournaments. Now that I won a major gaming title, I have a target on my back and I want to retain the title.

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